In order to ensure a safe and pleasant stay, please familiarize yourself and family with the following rules:

First and foremost: HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME !

QUIET HOURS: We are all here to have fun. Please observe quiet time from 11 pm to 8 am.
Strictly enforced: No loud music, or parties or generators at any time.

PETS: Keep pets on leash length, max 10 ft. ( 3 m ) and attended at all time! Please walk
your pet outside of the campground and walk them often. Carry a litter bag with you on
walks and clean up after your pet immediately.

SWIMMING POOL: Observe posted rules. Everyone must shower before using the pool.
Hours: posted on site – please check with front desk when you check-in.
No Lifeguards: Children 12 and under must be supervised by parents.
No sharp toys allowed in the pool area.
No food or beverages allowed in the pool area.

Hot Tub: Out of Service.

VISITORS: All visitors must stop and register at the office each visit and pay applicable Fee for using
the park facilities. All Visitors must leave the park by 11 pm. Limited Visitor Parking available. Any unregistered visitors are considered to be trespassing.


FIRES: Keep small and attended by an adult at all times. Extinguish with water. Do not leave
smoldering at night. Please do not travel with wood on board.
We do not allow outside wood into the park. This includes Milled Lumber and Cut Offs and
construction or industry wood.
Please read a very important section online at

PLEASE: Speed limit is 5 km/h.

CHILDREN: Children must be under parental
supervision at all time.

SMOKERS: Please extinguish cigarettes and put in
ashtrays. Do not throw butts on the ground.
No Smoking in washrooms, laundry or pool area. No smoking of Marijuana on premises.

ALCOHOL: Restricted to your site.

DAMAGE: Damage caused by carelessness or negligence shall be paid in full by the person responsible for such damage. Cutting of trees and shrubs is strictly prohibited.

CHECK OUT TIME: 11:00 am.
If you fail to check out by 11am, you will be charged for an additional night.

WASHING CARS AND RV’S: Not allowed in park, please use the carwash downtown Blairmore.

PROBLEMS: Please report all problems to the office. We are here to assist you.

PICNIC TABLES: Please place tinfoil under stoves and barbecues before use, to protect the table.

GATE: The gate is closed between 11 pm and 8 am. This is for your security, Please open and close gate
behind you.

SEWER SYSTEM (INCLUDES TOILETS): Proper sewer fittings are MANDATORY for sewer hook-ups.(sewer elbows can be purchased at the office) Diapers, sanitary napkins, and tampons should never be disposed of through sewer. Please do not dump grease or food waste into the sewer.


GARBAGE: Please put garbage in receptacle provided. Do not put garbage in fire pits or leave at your site. Please do not throw sunflower seeds on the ground.

DISHWASHING: Must be done at your site or use the sink beside the laundry.

Please respect the rules, grounds, and your neighbours and this will ensure another great summer for everyone at Lost Lemon Campground.